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Rickmers-Linie expands its China coverage

Rickmers-Linie, the Hamburg based operator of heavy lift and project liner services, is expanding its market coverage in China and is enhancing its sales and marketing activities into central China and in Southern China.  
According to Wolfgang Harms, Rickmers-Linie’s Chief Representative Greater China, moving closer to the major industrial production facilities and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies will enhance the company’s ability to offer its clients tailor made, innovative and efficient transportation solutions from the factory up to the construction site.
"We have appointed additional liaison offices in Changsha, the capital city of the province of Hunan; Chongqing, a direct-controlled municipality; and Chengdu, the capital city of the province of Szechuan. These three inland liaison offices will be managed and coordinated for the time being out of our Shanghai office under the control of our general manager Mr Zhao Jin Hai. Furthermore we are also strengthening our presence in the South of the Guangdong Province with a liaison office in Shenzhen, which will be managed through our office manager Sylvia Mak at Rickmers-Linie Hong Kong."
Rickmers-Linie has already had for some years an inland representation in Urumqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, neighbouring with central Asian countries like Kazakhstan. This liaison office is managed through our Beijing office by Mrs Julie Zhu.
Contact details for these new liaison offices are:

Management: Mr David Yi
Person in charge: Ms Cissy Xu Email address: changsha@rickmers.net
Office tel: +86 731 82768825 Mobile: +86 15973141100

Management: Mr Angel Chen
Person in charge: Mr Yin Bo
Email address: chongqing@rickmers.net
Office tel:+86-23-868177231
Mobile: +86-18602360097

Management: Mr Angel Chen
Person in charge: Ms Lili Li
Email address: chengdu@rickmers.net
Office tel: +86-23-86817678
Mobile: +86-18602360096

Mr Austin J Fang, General Manager
Office tel: +86-755-25123780
Mobile: +86-13510005348
Miss Kim Chen, in charge of operation & info exchange
Office tel: +86-755-25120872
Mobile: +86-13632609310
Mr Robert Hu, in charge of sales & client visits
Office tel: +86-755-25126870
Mobile: +86-13510981192
Email address: shenzhen@rickmers.net

For the Urumqi office, the contact details are:
Management: Mrs Julie Zhu
Person in charge Mr Oliver Zhu
Email address: Urumqi@rickmers.net
Office tel: +86-991-3666972
Mobile: +86-13609992008
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